Poetry and Dance coming together in my ‘virtual’ world.

Last week, as part of the ‘virtual’ exhibition, Remembering Blue, at my ‘virtual’ gallery, Glinka Gallery, I took part in a wonderful event with the ever-inventive ‘virtual’ dance company, The Sway & Dance Troupe.

OK, what’s all this stuff about ‘virtual’? The creativity and originality of virtual worlds are not celebrated enough in the ‘real’ world. I have been lucky at my time in the ‘virtual’ world called Second Life. I have been working there with fellow writers, film-makers, musicians and artists for over ten years now and it has been a glimpse into not just the what-could-be but also the what-can-be done.

Last Saturday, on the roof theatre on top of my gallery, circling in outer space, we put on a live fully-choreographed dance show to a live audience from around the world, with poetry interludes from my newly published poetry collection, Remembering Blue (Ward Wood Publishing). I assumed my alter-ego, Wolfgang Glinka, in reading my poems and was happy to play second fiddle to my amazing colleagues Joseph Nussbaum, Boris Twist, Bryan Trefoil, Spankster Cyberstar and Marly Moon from The Sway & Dance Troupe. No need for Broadway or London’s West End, if this can still be done in that other ‘virtual’ world.

Take a look at this live video of the event, When I’m Gone, filmed by the talented video artist, Akiko Kinoshi. I think you’ll see what I mean.

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