Why the 19th of January is the beginning of 2015 for this particular writer.


I know it isn’t January the First today – let me look, ah yes, it’s the 19th, well that’ll do.  It feels like the beginning of the new year so give me some slack here, OK. It’s 2015 which, for me, is worth celebrating mainly because it’s not 2014. If I’m to remain optimistic about 2015, I’ve decided it should begin today rather than on the more mathematically correct date.

On New Year’s Eve 2014, I was perfectly prepared to celebrate until a fever over-took me and sent me to bed shivering, my teeth chattering, in a relapse from an unpleasant condition that had begun in November and that has only really left me, I hope, in the last couple of days. I don’t see why we can’t invent our own diaries, calendars and schedules and, even if I can’t persuade you all to see today as the beginning of the new year, then I intend to go ahead anyway.

It’s not just a health thing. Last Monday I finished and sent off to Ward Wood Publishing, the fifth draft of my second novel, Still Notes, Still Frames, which will be published later this year. I’m sure there will be more tweaks and adjustments but it is, in reality, finished until the ever vigilant Adele Ward of Ward Wood comes up with her usual insightful comments. As far as my brain is concerned though, the bulk of the work is done and it can relax into other duties like mostly concentrating on my new novel that is now a quarter through its first draft. Thinking two novels at the same time has been a hazardous occupation so my brain and I are celebrating 2015 in the spirit of ring out the old and ring in the new.

Feeling less cluttered mentally, and much better physically,  has encouraged me to establish new working practices and a new rhythm to my daily life here in Lewes, UK.  I know you’ve all done your New Year stuff – made and already broken your resolutions, got over your hangovers, decided to give up that diet or that frail attempt at spending January on the wagon but, yes, give me some slack here everyone.

My resolutions centre around finding more space in my life, seeing a bit more blue sky, settling into a fitness regime that suits my schedule, getting this daily blog back up and running now that it is entering its 7th year and, a difficult one this, staying healthy.

Wish me luck because I’ll need it. It might be registering very cold here today on the poncey South-East England thermometer but the sun is shining and I can’t detect any physical ailment so far this morning, so optimism reigns, Happy New 2015.

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