You write the novel and then you get the review…Viva Lewes!


I’ve always, well nearly always, liked getting letters and parcels through my letterbox. I do the usual thing and ignore the ones that look like bills or circulars and, sometimes, feel sad when I get postcards addressed to former owners of this house who moved away decades ago. Apart from that, I’m an optimist and every delivery is a potential moment of pleasure. Yesterday was no exception when Lewes’ rather classy free magazine arrived. It’s delivered through every letterbox in town – bringing loads of pleasure all over Lewes. This month, it was more than usually interesting to me… it has the first review of my new novel, Stephen Dearsley’s Summer Of Love. Forgive me if I show you all what their book reviewer, John McGowan, wrote:

Thanks John McGowan and thanks to Viva Lewes for publishing it as well the plug for the poetry evening, First Wednesday Writers, that I run here in Lewes. If you read about it in Viva Lewes and followed the link to this site, here is the poster for the event with all the details. It’s always good to meet new writers and new people who come along just to listen.

It’s going to be busy next week as I have the London launch for the novel on Tuesday at the Phoenix Artist Club followed by two poetry events on Wednesday and Thursday followed by a celebration dinner on Friday. I’m having a great time but then it will be back to normal. Being a writer is about sitting up here alone with my computer but it’s great to have the odd social explosion to liven things up so I’m far from complaining.

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