I’m Rediscovering Youtube

My Youtube page – Wolfiewolfgang Colin Bell
Colin Bell reading Haiku.

A few years ago I started to record myself reading some of my poems but also poetry by greater people than me. I moved away from this idea when I ran into computer problems and then forgot about these little videos until I revived my account at Youtube a few weeks ago.

This video is of my Haiku, written and performed long before I made it the introductory poem in my newly published poetry collection Remembering Blue (Ward Wood Publishing).

I plan to do more poetry videos and this, I hope, will be my tentative toe in the water before I dive in and immerse myself.

Another recording from that time is Malcolm Arnold’s poem Dover Beach – always a favourite of mine and one that has always brought a tear to my eyes. Listening to my recording again, I think it isn’t half as bad as I thought it was. You can be the judges:

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